Super Bowl Sunday

I don't follow football all year, and rarely know who is playing when the Superbowl rolls around. But I always enjoy a Sunday Superbowl party at my friends John's and Allene's. Our pastor is a football fan so my friends host the party for him and church friends. It's a blast. We even... GAMBLE. At 25 cents a play, big stakes! We also eat ourselves silly of course, and yell for our teams. My personal record over the last 3 years is 2-1; last night the Patriots lost BARELY.

And Speaking of Beowulf...

My last entry on the glorious and near-eternal  Beowulf was... SOCKS. And they are pretty great socks. But I am also thinking in terms of performance. Some performers from the East (I think, correct me if I am wrong) have put on a full reading of Beowulf in home territory, in a mead hall set -- how cool is that? AND they took 2/3 of it on the road to Pennsic. I'm not a producer and am not considering putting on a multi-person Beowulf performance, although that is so amazing that they did that. I AM thinking about performing a selection of the poem and varying my delivery. Case in point: Lady Avicia turned me onto the amazing Benjamin Bagby. I cannot come close to his performance in a million years -- the entire poem told in Old English including varying styles of recitation, song and chant along with harp (lyre?) accompaniment. WOW. I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon. But I absolutely can experiment with adding sung and chanted lines for sure, and harp maybe if I ever get one and learn how to play it. We're talking about a very simple 6-string harp/lyre so it's not exactly hard. But anyway, I can certainly vary my voice even now. I don't have to do it with Beowulf certainly, there is a wealth of Norse and Anglo-Saxon poetry that could take vocal experimental delivery. I'm excited about trying it in the privacy of my own home. If it works out -- and I'm betting it will -- I'll start performing it in a few places.

Work Ups and Downs

I'm going to NYC EARLY tomorrow morning (leave the house at 4am for Ontario Airport). Traveling on business to attend a conference where I landed several good projects in 2009 and 2010 -- and none in 2011. (I'm a writer and business consultant for technology clients.) So I'm hoping that 2011 was mere setback and the clients will shoot back out of the woodwork. I'm on commission so more clients and projects have an immediate impact on my personal bottom line.

BTW, "commission" explains why some months I'm flush and other months not so much. It evens out over the year but I'm still not great at managing the ups and downs. All the freelancers and business owners out there will know what I mean!

Beowulf… Socks!

Just after I wrote in LJ that I often don’t update my SCA blog, I update my SCA blog. Why? Because I found BEOWULF SOCKS! The socks contain text from the first page of a surviving Beowulf manuscript. Love it.

Note: Sadly, I can’t find the pattern — Sanguine Gryphon isn’t listing it on their old or new websites (Verdant Gryphon). But still, how much fun is this?!


Thanks to an eagle-eyed commenter (thanks Clarice!) the pattern download is FOUND.

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(no subject)

I'm taking notes from my friends hroar and usqueba  who share stuff about their lives in LJ -- oftentimes small, sometimes big. I really enjoy reading their posts and keeping up that way. So here I am, back on LJ. I still mirror my SCA blog entries to LJ but don't always update that blog.

So here goes: I have a cold. Again. Sheesh. Amazingly enough I have not lost my voice completely as I usually do, although it's rough and I can't sing. Talking is OK. I'm not 100% though and have been making some dumb mistakes at work. Nothing I can't recover from but no fun. So I'll be bloody brilliant at a Friday morning meeting and that should get everything back on track again.

My voice should be fully recovered for the Cliar cu Buidhe bardic circle on Friday Feb. 3! Yea! I'm terrified of bardic circles and this is the only one I can manage. And it's my household's. And did I mention that I specialize in dramatic performance? Mm hm. BUT I do look forward to these, which are very deliberately nervous-bard-friendly -- whether that bard is a newbie or an old hand with a little performance anxiety going on.  ;>

On the HUGE plus side, I love our new house where we have lived nearly a month now!

Catching Up

WOW, it has been a busy month! I feel the need to write about it -- not that anyone actually needs to read it.  ;>

It started with Great Western, a war I greatly enjoyed. I posted some details about that earlier. War is a lot of fun but a lot of work before, during and after. I am somewhat allergic to work but it has certain benefits like a paycheck, a social life, and not being on "Hoarders" so I do it. I still can't haul that stupid pavilion up and down my steps by myself though.

I then went on to getting ready for my first-ever non-SCA storytelling performance. I did a 50-minute show for my church and community members up here in Wrightwood. I have a character named "Mrs. Alice Porter" who is from the Appalachias of 1932. With that persona I tell mountain folklore tales. It was great fun but a lot of work since I needed (wanted) all new material. It went very, very well and I scored a great gift basket and a videotape.

Then on to Boulder, CO for a business meeting last Monday-Wednesday. Monday was 80 degrees with gorgeous autumn foliage. Tuesday was 60 degrees and graying. Wednesday was 40 degrees and SNOW! I live in snow country but that doesn't mean I want to see it when I need to fly out that day. It was fine though, 6-8" in the Boulder/Denver area wasn't enough to snarl anything. We waited a few minutes for them to de-ice the plane but I made it to Phoenix for my connection to Ontario. When I walked into my house I was so glad to come home. I always am.

Then today is the Eldritch Party where I FINALLY get to play a Cthulhu-themed horror game! I never have. I'm a D&D player and dungeon master from way back and am always sticking the Old Ones into my games, but never sat down and played an actual Lovecraft-inspired game before. This will be Mansions of Madness.

Then begins quite the SCA social whirl as I will be heralding much of the Royal Progress here in Caid for the next 6 months. It's all good!

New Medieval Music CD

I am delighted to report that the Cliar cu Buidhe musical troupe has released a new CD: “Cliar cu Buidhe. Period.” As you might have guessed it’s a wonderful collection of purely period voice and instrumental music. Some of the songs are “The Three Ravens,” “Lullay, lullay,” Sumer is icumen in,” “Salve Splendor,” and many more.

If you are interested in ordering you can do so through this link:

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"The Walking Dead" at the Door

Oh super. I'm watching AMC's "The Walking Dead" and it's a  little bit scary. So just now the dog decides to get down from the couch, stalk towards the front door, bark sharply and stare fixedly at it.


Thanks a lot, Sunny. I swear I'm on Scare Tactics.

"Recipes against Melancholy"

Sidney Smith was a 19th century English writer and Anglican cleric. He wrote "I once gave a lady two and twenty recipes against melancholy; one was a bright fire; another, to remember all the pleasant things said to her; another, to keep a box of sugar-plums on the chimney-piece, and a kettle simmering on the hob. I thought this mere trifling at the moment, but have in after life discovered how true it is, that these little pleasures often banish melancholy better than more exalted objects."

I'm not so much melancholy as I am bored by the never-ending details of daily living. I like his "recipes" a lot.

Garb, sigh

Costuming is NOT my art. When I give myself time I can turn out some nice clothes, but because I’m bored I don’t give it the time it needs. And then I’m always thinking about what doesn’t fit quite right, and how I would do it differently, and how I’ve worn this dress into the GROUND and it’s pretty well time to replace it! *sigh*

Sometimes I think that changing periods will help. I love love love the veil and wimple look so I want to do something where I can still do that. 14th century qualifies. I also like crespinettes, cotehardies, surcoats, etc. It’s a pretty and interesting period. And the sagas that I specialize in were only written down in the 13th and 14th centuries so I wouldn’t be moving away from my story roots.

And then again… my eternal thanks to THL Beathog who lets me process this with her endlessly! She pointed out that the few times I actually wore a 14th century cote I didn’t really like it. Good point! So I’m thinking that changing periods isn’t the issue — spending time turning out a few good pieces is. I like 12th century clothing. I can do side lacing if I want more fitted things. I love the braids and wimples, the belts, the mantles. I love the layers. I just need to up my game.

This process happens in real life too. You’re bored and dissatisfied with a part of your life and you think you’re supposed to do something different or be with someone else. Maybe you should… or maybe you just need to put in the time and creativity to make something good, great.

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